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Parents of newborns, infants and young toddlers seek out many services unique to this developmental stage. All Things Birth and Baby provides a robust directory of such services. Want to let everyone in on the fantastic news that your baby arrived? Check out our Birth Announcements providers/retailers and our section on Newborn Photography. Looking to take a class with your infant? Check out our Classes section – where you can search such offerings as baby yoga, Mommy and Me or baby sign classes. If you are interested in early potty training, you might consider elimination communication courses, or if you’d like to learn a new soothing technique, check out infant massage. Health and wellness proves important for babies too. Under the Medical Support category you can search physical therapists and speech therapists as well as supplies for infants. You can also find numerous other providers in our Bodywork section - including chiropractors who work with infants. If you are specifically looking for a doctor, you can find family doctors and naturopathic doctors as well as dedicated pediatric practices in our Pediatricians section. Families choosing cloth diapering will appreciate the listings for Diaper Services. And should you need trusted care for your little one, peruse our Childcare category. We also provide a section on Special Needs Support. The first year of parenting can present many challenges, but with All Things Birth and Baby, finding the products and providers you need won’t be one of them! Click here to return to the homepage and directory.

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“This site has the ability to make all those pamphlets you leave your prenatal appointments with a thing of the past!  From now on people can just say ‘check out All Things Birth and Baby to find everyone and everything you need’.”

Whitney Strong Popa, Mother of 1, Seattle