Birth Consultants

Interested in labor support, but unsure about the expense of a doula or having an extra person at your birth? Birth consultants essentially provide doula support without attending the birth in person, and do so at a fraction of the cost of traditional doulas. They walk with families through their entire birth experience from pregnancy through postpartum. Birth consultants meet with a family prenatally to determine their wishes for the upcoming delivery. They then go “on call” so the family can contact them day or night, usually around 37 weeks gestation. The birth consultant is available to answer any questions, talk through options, provide information and help with advocacy and decision-making at all points during the labor and delivery via phone, text, and/or Skype/FaceTime. Once baby is born, the consultant will often provide a final meeting with the family to review their birth, answer any questions and provide referrals for breastfeeding and/or other care providers as needed.