In the prenatal period, expectant parents may wish to take childbirth classes and/or classes to prepare them for life post-birth.

Childbirth classes available in the Greater Seattle area range from Traditional Childbirth Classes and well-known methods such as Lamaze, through specific classes focusing on Multiples, to other methods that take a different approach to accentuating the natural and positive facets of birth.

These latter class types include Birthing As Nature Intended, Birthing From Within, Bradley Method, and HypnoBirthing.

Classes to help prepare expectant parents for life post-birth include those focusing on care and safety for infants (including Breastfeeding, Car Seat Safety and Newborn Care) as well as those related specifically to the practice and philosophy of Conscious Fathering and Cloth Diapering among others.

Families-to-be may also want to consider Other Classes in the Greater Seattle area. Details on all of these, as well as more information about the methods, can be found in this section.